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What is Reach4Life?

An Outreach Program Designed For Our Rising Generations

Originally developed in 2004, Reach4Life is a comprehensive, Christian life skills program for young people—with a particular focus on identity, sexuality, and relationships—that brings about holistic spiritual and behavioral transformation. It is based on the idea that real comprehensive behavioral change is only possible once there is a spiritual revolution in the hearts and minds of young people.

To exist, all you have to do is breathe. But to live, to really live, you must believe. Reach4Life challenges teens to breathe heaven’s air supply. It is designed to inspire them to plug into a relationship with God, the raw power of the Bible, the wisdom of saving love making for marriage, the support of a local church, the beauty of a transformed life, and the opportunity to change the world one person at a time!

Reach4Life was first run in schools, but quickly started being used in church youth groups, universities, prisons, drug rehabilitation centers, orphanages and refugee camps.

The program is comprised of 40 lessons delivered throughout the year in a class room or small group context by peer

Wherever there were young people gathered, Reach4Life proved to have a powerful impact.
The core of the program is the Reach4Life Bible which contains lessons and stories that guide youth to faith in Christ, belief in themselves, and gives them the essential life skills and resilience to take on many challenges and temptations facing youth today. The Reach4Life Bible also includes the full text of the New Testament in NIrV.

educators who serve not just as teachers, but also as mentors and role models. Once a young person gives their life to Christ they are connected to a local church where they can continue to receive the community support they need to thrive. Many young people who have gone through the program have gone on to become peer educators themselves.

In 2020, Biblica was excited to create a digital version of Reach4Life by releasing the much anticipated Reach4Life App. This App is currently available on both Apple and Android phones in English, Spanish, and Russian. More languages coming soon.